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I have a project where I need to outline all the counties in New York and make it interactive in Axure. So basically, I will have a vector or photoshop layered file with each county as a separate layer. I need to bring that into Axure and make each country interactive (user should be able to click on each county separately ) which will popup some information about that county.

How can I achieve this in Axure? Can I import layered files into Axure and the will be independent once imported? Please advice



Hello, you can carry out this project using the SVG format, when you finish your work in Illustraor, you import the file into Axure by making one click and you click on “Transform image” - “Convert SVG to Shapes” and then Axure will broken down all the parts of your SVG elements you will be able to work on the interactions.

I worked on a similar Web prototype project where I used this tip:

Do not hesitate to contact me if necessary.

Good luck to you


Awesome, Makes a lot of sense. I love you prototype!

I will try this method out and reach out to if I have further questions

Thanks again

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