Zoom in/out breakpoint request

In RP 8, it was more convenient to have the first zoom out break point via keyboard shortcut go to 80%, instead of the 50% setting it goes to in RP 9. I often just need a little more space on my canvas, but there is now no way to get it via keyboard shortcut. 50% is illegible in many cases, and going to 80% view size requires a pretty heavy interaction with the zoom percent dropdown.

The same applies for zoom out from 100% to 150% instead of straight to 200% via keyboard shortcut.


I have seen several posts about this and Axure said use Ctrl and mouse wheel. Not a good answer. Why would they change something like that,

The Zooming is too coarse .

Axure … are you listening to us???

Just reset it to what it was in 8?
It’s an easy fix ……
I would be interested y=to know why it was changed???

Other posts complaining about this include:

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Why cant the keyboard Zoom use your settings in the dropdown Axure. Then it is consistent! :slight_smile:

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Exactly. This makes no sense. And did not need to be changed - not sure if it was deliberate, or if it’s a bug? In either case very frustrating.

Please fix!!


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To be honest Axure team … I can’t imagine adding a new zoom breakpoint of 80% would be very complex … maybe a one line change to a list of zoom breakpoints???
80% is a commonly needed zoom…
Same 150% is needed … just match breakpoints to Zoom dropdown.

Actually I see I think someone has programmed double or halve the current value … perhaps they could do 50% change instead of 100% change. Still a small code change?
Multiply current value by 0.75 or 1.25 instead of 0.5 and 2 ??? Easy?

How do we know if it will be actioned or not?