A bug in macOS Mojave 10.14.5

I can not preview my doc in Browsers such as Safari or Chrome etc.
The Axure RP9 response " File Not Found url : /start.html" on my browser page with url “”. What should I do for resolving it?

I have the same issue. I’m on the same version of Mojave as you. I use the following workaround:

In the menu bar go to Publish > Preview Options
Then on the right click Configure
Then in the bottom left, click the Publish Locally button.

This is not ideal but at least it lets me preview things. I saw another thread on this issue but it seems the problem there was that their disk was case-sensitive and mine is case-insensitive: Preview got a file not found page

Hi! I’m glad you found the workaround of publishing locally for now. Since the case-sensitive disk doesn’t seem to be causing the preview problem for you, then one of the other things to check would be to verify that nothing on your machine, network, or browsers is blocking Axure RP’s ability to access the localhost at, which is what it needs to reach in order to generate a local preview. Usually proxy settings would be the culprit here; if an IT team manages your workstation then they should have a good idea of what else would need to be checked to ensure that that connection is usable. Hopefully that helps!

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