Adaptive view Inline Frame demo prototype on mobile AND tablet picture


I have a prototype mobile first approach.
The adaptive views are mobile, tablet and desktop.

Via the Inline Frame i can demo the prototype on the mobile image.
But i need to demo my prototype on tablet and desktop aswel.

Does anyone know how to set the Inline Frame to tablet view for the tablet frame (for the team demo) without losing the mobile demo option?
The SetAdaptive View, I tried but I can not get it to work.

In this video - The introduction one - you can see what I want at 9:49 min

Set Adaptive view should work, as long as you do it within the “child” page loaded in the Inline Frame, and not the “parent” page hosting the inline frame widget. But, from brief view of that video, it looks like they set up separate “parent” pages for the phone and tablet, and a single “child” page with adaptive views. So the adaptive views should happen automatically if you’ve set the widths properly.

If you need to trigger this from a parent page without changing the size of the inline frame, you’d need something like an “event listener” set up in the “child” page.

  • One approach would be to set some conditional cases in the Page Loaded event of the child page, testing the value of a global variable, e.g., "If OnLoadVariable equals “tablet” Set Adaptive View to ‘tablet_size’ ". To trigger it, you’d have an actions of,

Set OnLoadVariable to “tablet”
Load Page in Frame myChildPage"

  • Another approach that avoids reloading the child page is to use a continuously repeating dynamic panel as a “listener function” in the child page. Create a dynamic panel with at least two states (states can be empty)
    • In this widget’s Loaded event set an action of,

Set Panel State of This to Next, wrap, repeat every 500 ms

  • In this widget’s Panel State Changed event, set an action of,

If value of OnLoadVariable equals “tablet”
Set value of OnloadVariable to “”
Set Adaptive View to “tablet_size”

…(where “tablet_size” is whatever name you created for that view.)

  • Another approach (which I assume is used in the tutorial video) is to set or change the width (and height if needed) of your inline frame widget to at least a specific break point (matching the adaptive widths you set in your adaptive views). Use the Set Size action for this. I’ve done this in the past to simulate rotating a phone from portrait to landscape (by rotating the background phone image by 90 degrees and setting size of the inline frame accordingly–swapping the width and height values.)

  • An “old school” approach would be to ditch your adaptive views and use separate pages for each “child page” or “device view”. Inefficient to set up and maintain, but straightforward.

Thanks for your reply!
I think I missed the scaling part - the math.
I could not find that setting so I forgot about it.
Your solution to set the view according to the widths should work then/

Ill look into that and see if it will work then. Thanks!

Weird. The option to generate HTML configurations function is not available in 9 (it was in 8). Mobile/Device Settings
Weird that such a useful function is skipped in the new version

The ‘Set size’ worked! Thanks @mbc66

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