Blending Library/Widgets with Masters

We are trying to create a reusable design system in Axure. My approach so far has been to create a library of widgets. When dragging that widget into a file, it completely removes its connection to the library item, so when updates are made to the source, it doesn’t cascade to its children.

I have experimented with putting Masters in my Library. For example, I create a button Master, drag that button Master into a Library item. When I use that Library item in a different file, it imports the Master, but then I am stuck with that version of the Master. Any changes I make to the original don’t trickle down to the imported version. If I use this Library in multiple files, the amount of overhead to make sure they are sync’d would be massive.

Is there any solution to this? Basically, I am trying to copy the ability Sketch gives me with Libraries and Symbols in Axure.

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Don’t think so. Similar question here, but no answers.

It seems like Axure is not suitable for use in larger projects where you need to maintain a widget library.

i’ve resolved the problem by using a starter project containing all needed nested masters, guides, whatever … then import it. Organize them by pages to have an easiest pipeline.

Widget lib aren’t good for nested master nor styles (it will be ure next problem :slight_smile: ) so try to keep base components in Libs, or component that work alone (ie date picker). For everything else use a Project to store.

About styles, you’ll see there is an implicit rule: project have the last word. Meaning if you have a style in ure project, and have another one in ure lib with the same name, project’s one will be in use.

So anytime you update styles in ure lib, ull need to to update them in ure project too. Same here using a project starter would be less confusing, and leading to less errors.

This is just my opinion (and all i’ve sayed is based on RP8, i dunt know if any change happen in RP9) so may be someone else got a better workflow.