Bring Dynamic Panels to Front

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

Is there a way to, while editing the prototype, move Dynamic Panel to the back, and to see it when the prototype will run on the browser? I can’t find “bring to front” option or something similar, so I have to keep my Dynamic Panels in the front, and it hides the other parts of the screen i’m working on…


It should be in the same place as in Axure 8, but just look for the Outline: Master or Outline: Page among the different sections within the workstation. It should be on the bottom right. If your dynamic table is inside a Master, it would have a headline of Outline: Master and vice versa for Page. Once you are there, look for your dynamic table and right click it and select under Order, there are four options, you can send it to the very front on top of everything, to the very back, or a level back and/or forth. Keep in mind if any other visible (not hidden) widgets are placed in front of other visible objects, the one behind it is being shown on the preview but it will not be seen simply because it is being overlapped with the other visible widget appearing right on top of it. Set conditions as to when you want certain objects to be visible like an onClick on a button or header to show a hidden object. Hidden objects in the user’s eyes off the start of the page have that yellow sticky note highlight on them like seen with your screenshot.

Hope that helps!

Hi TalSolomon.

In Axure 9, you can send your hidden panel(s) “to the back” in Axure while editing (as you do), and have them appear in front of everything when the user does something in your prototype by using the “Show/hide” function on the panel and select “Bring to front”, which is hidden under “more options”.