BUG - Different outputs from the same repeater in Axure 8 & 9 Beta

When the text length is long in a repeater, adjust the widgets in the repeater item by moving the widgets below the text to avoid overlapping(below screenshot).



Method 1:
On Item Load: Load the item values from repeater columns > Wait > Move other widgets below the long text. This seems to work well in Axure 8 Canvas(see below screenshot) but didn’t work in the browser, so I have tried another method.


Method 2: (Based on the explorations by @mbc66 )
On Load: Move the long text in the repeater item by (0,0) and then trigger an OnMove event for the long text widget inside the repeater item. So, when the OnMove event is triggered, we move other widgets below the long text. This method worked well in the browser.


Issue#1: For method 1, why is there a difference between how it is rendered on Canvas vs Browser ??
Issue#2: Method 2 works only in Axure 8 and not in Axure 9 Beta ( Is this a bug?

test.rp (59.4 KB)

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Hi! Hmm, it looks like you’re trying to get a text widget in a repeater to autofit to its text and adjust the other widgets within the repeater. Axure RP doesn’t dynamically autofit text to widgets in the browser, and while you can work around this with Set Size actions and moving widgets to the resized widget’s new bottom, there’s also the issue that repeaters will not retain their adjusted heights if anything OnItemLoad causes that repeater to be redrawn. This would be why, for example, on the canvas in Axure RP 8 the repeater rows appear to fit the longer text, but then don’t in the browser (it’s easier to see if you give the text widget a fill color). It looks like a similar issue may be occurring in 9. I’ll go ahead and file a ticket on our end to take a look at this to determine if there’s a new bug for repeaters in the beta. You can keep an eye on the 9 beta release notes to see if any of the released fixes apply to this issue. Thanks!

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