BUG: Padding in Widget Styles shows in Axure, but not in Browser / Cloud App



Hi there, this has been bugging me for quite a while and for the current project I cannot forcibly create a manual workaround with different forms or a dynamic panel.

When assigning style effects to a textfield, I can set the hint-style and of course the default style for the textfield. I want to have the hint-text with a different top-padding than the filled text, since when the text is filled a label appears. (Recreating Material 3 here.)

In Axure itself, the hint-text (assigned via interactive style) looks just great:


Now, when opening the preview or viewing the page in the Cloud-App, the top-padding of the hint-style is not applied. The hint has the same padding as the default style for the text field (top-padding: 18px), but it should have no top-padding at all (0px) and just be centered in the field.


It is clearly visible and very annoying. I found another thread on here from 2020. So the problem has definitely been known for some time. https://forum.axure.com/t/widget-style-padding/67569

This time, I can only have one textfield, I cannot put multiple ones in different states of a dynamic panel. I cannot put two textfields behind each other, with different paddings - and bring one to the front depending if the field is empty or not. I cannot create a manual work-around.

Please, fix this. Fast. Thanks.