Widget Style Padding

Hello there,

I’m struggling currently while trying to create a shrinking button with Axure 9. So after some research I try to set on “MouseDown” agent state to another Widget Style. The style overrides working good so far (e.g. bg color) but the definable left pad, right pad etc. are not working.

These values does not change when clicking the button.

Is there a bug by overriding styles through widget style or have I done a thinking mistake?

Thanks a lot

Yes, I’d call this a bug. I’ve experience same kind of thing with pudding not changing, even when setting the selection state to a named style.

One workaround is to create a dynamic panel from your button, duplicate State 1, then style and size the button in State 2. On your click or mouse down use “Change State of This to Next, wrap”

Thank you for your reply. My idea was to avoid creating double effort and manual adjusting buttons when editing text thorugh Panel States…

So in Axure 9 it is not possible to create own scripted events? I excpect I could access padding with values and functions?

Yes, …and no.

You can search this forum for “javascript injection” (works for CSS as well) but is not officially supported by Axure. If you use Axure Cloud, you can use plugins for this kind of thing.