Copy/Paste Locked Widget

Just noticed that if I try to copy a single or multiple locked widgets, I am able to do so. If I try to copy a locked widget along with an unlocked widget, it only pastes the unlocked widget. I believe the intended interaction here would be to copy the lock and unlocked widget.


There’s a shortcut key that causes paste to include locked widgets, probably because it isn’t always desirable to include them in paste.

In Axure 8 it’s Ctrl+Option+V, or Ctrl+Alt+V on Windows
In Axure 9 it’s Ctrl+Shift+Option+V, or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V on Windows

Axure 8 shortcuts
Axure 9 shortcuts

That makes sense and good to know. I removed the [Bug] tag on the title to not cause confusion. Thanks!

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