Design issues on repeater after adding adaptive views



I am new to Axure and started using it for my uni assignments. I started making a wireframe for webview, then started adding adaptive view. When I started redesigning the repeater for mobile view and changed the pagination accordingly. The default design started to pop out over the repeater data.


I’m having the same issue! Did you find a solution?


Hi @susanbrinkh,

Looks like Manish wrote directly to us at regarding this issue as well and we were able to investigate this at the time.

As an update, we were able to reproduce and file this bug that is caused when using paginated repeaters that have different items per page across several adaptive views. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a great workaround for this except to try and use the same amount of items per page across adaptive views. I will go ahead and let our QA team know that more users are encountering this issue so hopefully, this issue can gain more traction.

We do appreciate your feedback so feel free to reach out to us at if anything else comes up.


So usually when I restart the Axure application, it functioned proplerly. However as soon as I changed some designs of the repeater, it buggs again. Then I save and restart the application again, that worked for me.

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