Repeater design issues with pagination and adaptive views

I am having design issues with repeaters pagination and adaptive views. When changing the number of items per page on specific adaptive views I get odd display results. After the “last item” the repeater then displays the widgets inside the repeater without the content. It doesn’t even start at the bottom of the last item, it starts underneath the last item. When researching the issue I came across an older post from 2019, Design issues on repeater after adding adaptive views. It implied that it was a bug and that the QA team would investigate. Has there been any traction on this?37%20AM

Hello @ssorensen,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums! It appears that this Bug only appears in the Preview and not when shared to Axure Cloud, could you confirm this? It also appears that if you Save your File and restart Axure RP, the Bug will not appear in Preview either. Can you please try this to see if this resolves your issue for the meantime?

I will add your information to this Bug Report in our system as well. Thank you, and please let me know if you have any further questions!

Hello, I tried all your suggestions and none of them have worked. The only thing that has changed that the repeater showed the content instead of the widgets inside the repeater. I will just have to have to stick to the same number of entries regardless of adaptive view. I was just hoping that you would have fixed an identified bug.