[Fixed] Scrolling / dragging items is slow on macOS Mojave

When do you plan to fix this issue on Mojave? Scrolling / dragging items seems like 10 fps (on RP8 it’s very smooth). I am using scaled 1080p resolution from 4K.

Hi! Sorry for the delay. We’re currently working on investigating and resolving performance issues in the Axure RP 9 beta. To verify, do you happen to be using dark mode while working in the beta? If so, then we have a report on file for this issue that we’re looking into where it appears that using dark mode causes slower scrolling and panning on the canvas.

We’re also currently investigating additional issues, such as slow performance when dragging widgets over a sliced image, performance issues when using image folders that contain many SVGs in the Libraries pane, and performance issues seen when applying filters to image widgets. If you’re seeing issues that seem unrelated to the above, then please go ahead and follow up with additional details along with a file (if it’s file-specific) so that we can take a closer look. Thanks!

Is this resolved? I just upgraded to axure 9 from 8 and scrolling/dragging the window around is a little rough. Not as smooth as something like sketch or illustrator.

Hi, yes, several fixes have been applied since this thread was originally started. Canvas scrolling and performance had a fix in the beta on April 15, and the full release of Axure RP 9 has had additional optimization to specifically address canvas scrolling/panning issues that occurred on high resolution monitors. If you’re not already on the latest build of Axure RP 9, then build 3650 contains the optimization for high resolution displays to fix canvas scrolling:


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