How to define the pixel distance for arrow button nudges

I want arrow button nudges to move selected items by 8 pixels. But this never works. It doesn’t even work evenly forward and backward (3 down arrows and 3 up arrows back don’t move the select item the same distance).

How can I make Axure move the selected item(s) exactly and only 8px at a time?

I think your spacing is 8px already.


Make sure the bottom y coordinate of the upper box is a multiple of 8px.

Shift+Down works fine.

Thanks. This is what I was afraid of. The nudge requires some precondition to be true so that it will move 8px. Such a precondition may be possible. Who thought such a simple feature (move exactly X pixels) would be so difficult.

Hi @scoobydoo,

Justin from Axure here :wave:

We’re working on adding a preference that will let users set the distance widgets should move when doing a Shift Nudge (shift + arrow key).

If all goes to plan, this feature should be available in the next Release Candidate for Axure RP 10 later this month.


Hi, happy September! :slight_smile:

Quick update that the feature discussed in this thread is now available for download in the Release Candidate.

You can find the option under File > Preferences