Image displays in low res

When I paste an image onto a page … in Axure it appears low res after a while … so low I cant read it … but when I preview it on a webpage it appears normal.
How do I stop it being low res so I can see it when working on the page?
It does this with ALL images … small and larger


By any chance after you paste the images in Axure RP are you editing them (e.g. slicing)? Slicing would resample the image and cause it to come out lower resolution, which could potentially be causing what you’re seeing if you’ve been using the slice tool. If you haven’t sliced any of the images, then any additional details about what’s happening with those images or around them on the canvas after pasting would help to investigate and reproduce this on our end. Thank you!

I had resized them all to 200 wide. They display fine at first after resizing but then after a while they go so low res I can’t read what is on them. When I publish they display fine.
It is a problem if I can see them.

Thanks for that, the note about resizing helps. I haven’t been able to reproduce this just yet after resizing several images; do you recall whether further edits were made to them afterward? For example, were any image filters applied to the images? Or did the shift to blurriness happen after changing pages, changing tabs, or zooming in/out?

By any chance do you happen to be using Windows? One similar issue that we’re currently tracking occurs on Windows if you resize an image widget to be smaller, and then slice it; does that sound similar?

Hi all,

adamhughes sent additional details over to, and it looks like this issue occurs on Windows if you scale down an image and then add a drop shadow. This is filed with QA for further investigation for now. If we have updates we’ll post here, but you can also keep an eye on the release notes in “Help > Check for Updates” and on the release notes thread for news. Thank you!

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