Is there a Way to Have Custom Widgets (in an .rplib file) to behave like masters?

Hi All. I’m trying to find a way to create/style widgets, and then have any changes made to those widgets update all corresponding widgets being used in my wireframes/prototype. [NOTE: Masters don’t work for this, because making any changes becomes problematic when building a prototype; e.g., changing the text in a master text field requires breaking it away from the master or updating the master itself.]

So…I built a Custom Widget Library, added that library to my working Axure 9 file, dragged the widgets into the prototype. But what I see is that if I make changes to the .rplib file:

  • I have to close and reopen Axure just to see the changes to the library (no refresh option available)
  • Nothing happens to the widgets that were dragged into the prototype before making changes in the .rplib file.

What am I missing?

You are missing nothing. This is just the way libraries work.
There are quite a few threads with similar questions recently, like this one or this one .

IMO, this makes widget libraries pointless. I am about to give up on them anyway.

Unfortunately that’s just how it works. They do not work like Sketch libraries do. At a previous job we struggled with this for a bit before moving to Sketch, partly for their libraries, and keeping Axure for interactive prototypes for usability testing and such.

I am feeling this pain more and more as well. Having used Sketch a bit more, I wish Axure adopted something like Symbol’s behavior.