Left margin added when page is centered in browser!

My content shifts to the right by 120 pixels or so when previewed in the browser. It is set to “center in browser”, so I’m not sure what’s happening. The header and footer are centered, but they are dynamic panels / masters.Margin-issue.rp (3.0 MB)

Works fine in RP 8.

I have already looked at When Page Align is centered, a wild margin appears! and it’s not that.


Hmm I see what you mean; it looks like the center of your placeholder and text is a little off. On our end I’m seeing that if you have the canvas set to automatic mode then the page centers as expected, but with the adaptive view in place you get the shifted result that you’ve observed when the page is centered; the behavior seems to become more odd as you switch between adaptive views in the browser. I’ll go ahead and file this as a bug so that we can take a closer look at this. We’ll post here if there are updates, but otherwise you can keep an eye on “Help > Check for Updates” or the 9 beta release notes thread for news on what bug fixes have been released as builds get published.

OK. Great. Thanks, Alyssa.

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