Master views vs. adaptive views

Note - My question is similar to this one: Adaptive Views: Pages and Masters not syncing

I have a library of common widgets that I’ve developed in Axure 8, which were set up to display different layouts at common adaptive view breakpoints (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

However, when it comes to masters, it looks like ‘Master views’ have now replaced what used to be called ‘Adaptive views’. In Axure 8, adaptive views on pages used to cascade down to masters. When I added an adaptive master to an adaptive page, the master would automatically display the correct view when the breakpoint was triggered.

Now, unless I’m missing something, masters will not automatically inherit the adaptive view/breakpoint of the page they’re on. I need to manually set each master to the correct ‘Master view’ for each breakpoint. When you have 10+ masters on a page, and 20 pages in a prototype, this is a huge amount of extra work!

Can the new ‘Master views’ and the old ‘Adaptive views’ not live side-by-side, in beautiful harmony? I love the new master views system and it has many useful applications, but the current implementation seems like a step sideways at best.


I agree! Just encounter the same surprise (problem) …