Passing data from Goggle sheets/Excel to repeater fields in Axure

Hello, I am trying to find a way to link Goggle sheets/Excel to Axure.

The idea behind this is so that I can input data into a google/excel sheet and output it into a Axure repeater widget. I want to be able to do this all via excel and not have to input data values into the repeater data fields in Axure, Essentially I want to be able to use the google/excel sheet as a CMS, so that users with limited Axure knowledge can update any data via google/excel.

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This isn’t currently possible, although you can copy/paste from Excel or Sheets into the repeater data fields. That’s how I do it at the moment.

I believe it may be in their roadmap however.

Seems it was (or possibly still is) possible with a connector Library:

The links to the original library files are down, but another poster reuploaded them. Hoping the original poster can bring this back since there seems to be a lot of interest.

When I am trying to paste cells copied from Excel into the repeater data, it gets pasted as an image into one column :confused: all I am getting is

I am using Axure 9. I tried setting the number of columns in the repeater data to match the number of column in copied cells. I also tried having only one column in repeater data. Nothing works. Would you explain how you are doing that @davegoodman ?

I no longer have Axure 9 installed in my current role, so I can’t test this, but are you selecting the cell or double clicking to focus into the cell? I think if you focus into the cell (i.e. you can see the cursor) then the paste operation will give you the result you’re seeing. But if you just select the top left cell, you should be able to paste normally.

I did both. If I select the cell, the data is pasted as an image. If I double click into the cell, then all the data from multiple rows and columns is pasted into this one cell.

Try using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V - this should paste the plain text rather than the fully formatted version. You may want to check your Excel preferences, as I believe some versions of Excel will give you a PNG as a copy object to the clipboard, rather than the text (to simplify the process of copying and pasting tables into Powerpoint etc).

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It finally worked by copying from Excel, pasting into text editor, then copying from text editor and pasting into Axure. Yep, Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V is also working. Thanks @davegoodman!

Do you know where I can find that connector now?
I would be very grateful for any help)

I went full stalker mode and found the OP - who was nice enough to share the files with me. I have yet to test them, but here is a link to them. Let me know if you have any luck, please!

I was trying that connector and, as I understand, it is not working with Axure RP9 (

Gotcha - From my recollection the original files that were posted seemed to be missing a crucial file to be able to make the library run. Did you try the new files I posted? I haven’t had a chance to play with them but was hoping that it would run with all the necessary files.

javascript:void($(“head”).append("<script type=“text/javascript” language=“JavaScript” src=“”>""))

We need connector-v1.js in order to run the library.

Does anybody have access to the connector-v1.js file?

@axure 2021 and this capability still doesn’t exist. I just received the RP10 Beta invitation and data connection was not front and center. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly disappointing this is. The one key feature that the community has been asking for for YEARS is still nowhere to be found.

Data connection exists for your competitors, why isn’t this a priority?


Indeed, this is definitely disappointing. How were you able to get an invitation to RP10 beta?

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How about importing form a CSV? I found this in the docs: