Passing data from Goggle sheets/Excel to repeater fields in Axure



Hello, I am trying to find a way to link Goggle sheets/Excel to Axure.

The idea behind this is so that I can input data into a google/excel sheet and output it into a Axure repeater widget. I want to be able to do this all via excel and not have to input data values into the repeater data fields in Axure, Essentially I want to be able to use the google/excel sheet as a CMS, so that users with limited Axure knowledge can update any data via google/excel.


This isn’t currently possible, although you can copy/paste from Excel or Sheets into the repeater data fields. That’s how I do it at the moment.

I believe it may be in their roadmap however.


Seems it was (or possibly still is) possible with a connector Library:

The links to the original library files are down, but another poster reuploaded them. Hoping the original poster can bring this back since there seems to be a lot of interest.