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We have a large team project that contains folders that are intended for various audiences. When publishing, we have multiple HTML generator configurations set up that have various sets of pages selected. What we’re hoping to do is have multiple persistent URLs for a given team project that we can keep publishing to so that our various audiences can watch their own specific URLs and get the updates from the project.

My experience with RP9 right now is that I can publish to a new URL using Publish-> Generate HTML Files, selecting my configuration, selecting Publish to Axure Cloud and clicking Publish to new URL. If I want to republish to that same URL with the same configuration, I have no way of doing that. The same procedure will create a new URL and not overwrite the existing one.

Has anybody had any success trying to do what we need to do?

If I don’t misunderstand what you need, you can achieve it by clicking on the button to explore your folders tree on Axshare, then selecting “Replace Existing Project” and then choosing the project/URL on Axshare that you want to overwrite:

Yes! That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks for pointing it out.

I will complain though that this workflow is pretty convoluted. When we were trying to do this originally, we had three well qualified engineers looking at the interface and nobody saw the Replace Existing Project link.

I don’t know the perfect workflow, but it seems that the rpteam file could keep track of all of the URLs it has published to and would allow you to select from a list at the top level of the interface. Then, you wouldn’t have to dive through 3-4 layers of interface to perform the replace.

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