Repeater row doesn't delete text match

I feel like i’m missing something super obvious, and I’ve been looking at this too long, or I found a bug?

I have a more complex project I’m working in, but I reproduced the issue in a simple example. I have a repeater widget and I need to delete a specific row when the user clicks a button. The repeater has only 3 values. NY, CA, and FL. I added a interaction on the button to delete the row where item.state matched ‘CA’ and nothing happens.

However, if I add a text box, and put the text CA in the text box, then ask the repeater to delete the row where item.state matches a local variable set to the text in the text box it works. This makes no sense right?

The file is attached and I added a screen shot of the setup.

FilterTest.rp (55.3 KB)

Hey there - this is a known bug with Macs at the moment, caused by on-the-fly conversion (by your Mac) of straight quotes to curly quotes, which causes the hardcoded value to be ignored.

There’s a workaround in the linked thread (turning off the autocorrect function that causes the issue).

Wooohhhh! I’m so glad I’m not going crazy!!! hahah, thank you!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: