Showing different icons on repeaters. Is this possible?


I’m looking to create an address book using a repeater. An address can have any or all of 4 icons, depending on what it’s used for e.g. an icon denoting a billing address, delivery address etc. The user can change what each of the addresses is used for accordingly and the icons will update. Is there away of doing this in Axure?

Something like a dynamic panel with the different icon states and some logic setting the panel state to the right thing?

Help appreciated as I’m a little out of my depth! Thanks

Sure, right-click on the row of your repeater in the style panel and go for “import image”


If you need to change the image dynamically, create a column per image and go for the “set image” and then [[item.NameOfColumnContainingYourImage"

You can also adapt the method described in this thread by making your icon a dynamic panel with a state for each icon.

Ah great, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!