Surface overrides and view selection in instances of masters with nested masters


I’ve just started trying the Beta 9 and I like the ability to create different views of masters and then select which view to use on instances of the master as well as specify the override text.

Is there a way to do this when the masters are nested inside another master? I was just setting up a wizard and have styled button masters and would like to set up a wizard layout as a master with the buttons. On most pages the button are standard previous, next, cancel but on some pages, just before the action, during the action, and on the final page, buttons have different names and not all are visible.

From what I can see, this would work if I could select the view and override for each nested master but I cannot see a way to do this.

I did see this Beta9 Feedback article where I believe Feedback #6 referred to a similar issue, however there was no answer I could see to that item.


Hi blair,

There currently isn’t a way to set the views or set overrides for nested masters in the Axure RP 9 beta. That said, I’ll pass this along to our designated teams for review!

This would be great to add, as this allows for usage of the same nested masters in more instanced instead of creating a whole different tree