SVN doesn't work on Axure 9

I’m very excited to see the Team Project on Axure 9 Because all of our prototypes are on SVN. We even had no way to experience the new Axure without Team Project.
But when we entered the SVN address, it didn’t work at all. Does Axure 9 not support SVN yet? Or do we need to adjust the SVN server?

Hi, as it seems, there is no longer any SVN support in Axure RP9, just the proprietary AxShare offering. See also this thread:

Not really happy about this, but this seems to be the path Axure is taking.

Hi all,

@Muensterberg is correct in that SVN support will be deprecated in Axure RP 9 and team projects will have to be hosted on Axure Cloud. If your team has security requirements that don’t allow you to use the public Axure Cloud, please feel free to reach out to our sales team at to learn more about options.

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