Team Projets in Axure 9 Beta

I am unable to open my Team Project on Axure 9 Beta. Does the Beta version not support this?

When I try to open from the file Axure 9 Beta crashes and there is no “Team” menu option.

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No crash for me, but I confirm Axure 9 Beta can’t support team project… Even for import.

The beta does not currently support team projects. We’ll be turning this capability on later in the beta!


Thank you! Looking forward to trying out Axure 9 Beta once it is supported.

me too. looking forward to it .

Is there any hint for when this is going to be? Working locally has been a great test, but to really give it a run in the “real world” I would love to be able to share libraries and everything with the rest of my team.

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Yes still waiting on this to.

haha, wo mei zai beishangguangshen.
er xian cheng shi

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Still waiting on this. When is it planned for release into the BETA?

Is it later yet? :slight_smile:


Rachel, I really need this to keep working with 9. Not being able to easily share widget libraries is going to be a deal breaker that pushes my to another platform as I build out a new UX team at a new company. Being able to benefit from shared efforts is a keystone for a good design workflow.

We are actively developing and testing team projects in RP 9 right now, but it could still be a few weeks before we’re able to ship a beta update including them. There’s not a working version of this yet that we could get you, unfortunately.

In the meantime, while this is certainly not ideal, we’re hearing that folks are working around the limitation by creating a main file, distributing that so folks can work on widgets (or pages, for RP files) separately, and then using “File > Import” to get changes to pages back into the main source file.

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Thanks Rachel for doing what you can with what you have where you are. I know it’s not ideal, but appreciate you keeping us all up to date on this. I was really surprised when I saw the RP 9 beta launched without Teams - I figured that was directly down the middle of the core of the product. Anyways, happy to hear it’s coming!

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Ditto here. It’s a real barrier to my using 9 Beta because I have multiple team members who edit files.

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hello,what time release ?

Hi all,

Team projects are in testing but unfortunately still not in a state where we can get folks access to them. We’re hard at working getting it there!

Per the new forum policy, I’m going to close this thread. Please keep an eye on the release notes thread, in the Axure RP update dialog, and on the blog for the news when they do become available!