Triple Tap Issue



Seems I’m not the only one with this issue, but previous posts haven’t been answered.

I have a tap to increase/decrease QTY option on my app. Participants are tapping to add quickly and bringing up the menu.

It’s causing issues with the tests. Is there a realistic fix?


Yes, this has been a long-time issue, and I believe it has been submitted as a feature request–ability to turn it off and/or provide alternate way to pause or exit the prototype in the Axure Cloud app. …Wouldn’t hurt to submit it again to

The workaround I’ve used is to not use that app, and just use straight browser instead. It can sometimes be a trick to get your prototype on a server accessible from mobile devices, especially in corporate realms, and/or getting your prototype’s HTML locally on an iOS mobile device, but it is possible.

Here’s one solution, if you can get your HTML on a server other than Axure Cloud…


Thanks for bringing this up again. I’ve compiled a list of past feature requests regarding the ability the disable this triple tap function and presented this to our product team. Hopefully, that will help carry more weight and push this request through the review process.

In the meantime, hopefully using the browser is a viable workaround!