Trying to run a filter shows nothing

Again, Been looking everywhere. Can’t make sense out of this.

Am trying to filter only results with AK (user).

As I do it with [[Item.User == ‘AK’]] it shows nothing. What am I missing?


repeater.rp (64.7 KB)

Hi, rafo. It looks like the “curly” single quotes around AK are the issue:


When I delete those and enter single quotes the filter works for me.


Thanks… i can only see the ’ character on the keyboard…Which one is it? Can you upload the file that works?

Hey, this is a known bug caused by the ‘Smart quotes’ substitution in MacOS. There’s a temporary workaround in the linked thread, until Axure issue an update.

Hi Rafo - I also ran into this issue. It appears that this is now fixed in the latest beta channel release which can be found at the bottom of this thread:

Hi, thanks. Nice to know my voice is being heard…
Think i’ll wait for the official release. For now i de-activated the Smart Quotes in the OS.