[Unsupported Browser] Win10 under IE11, the control can not be in the vertical distance

Axure v9-3627 When using IE11 (non-Edge) under win10, box, Elipse, Button, Table and other controls, can not be in vertical distance.

F12 developer tools view page code

On the outermost DIV, add a line-height attribute, you can be in the vertical distance.

Don’t know if this is feasible? Solve the problem in the control vertical distance.

I hope to solve this problem as soon as possible, thank you.

Hi pmm123,

It sounds like you are encountering an issue where the line-height attribute, found in a widget’s Style panel’s “Typography” section in Axure RP 9, is not correctly applying the line-height styling in Internet Explorer 11. This is making it so that if a line-height of 40px has been applied to a widget, the 40px line-height style does not appear when the widget is previewed in IE11. Is this correct? Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to reproduce this issue.

If I have understood this issue correctly, please send along the RP file where you encountered this issue for further troubleshooting.

Thank you!

Windows 10, IE11 :

test.rp (53.5 KB)

Hi there!

Thank you for sending your file and screenshots! I’ve been able to reproduce this issue while previewing your file in Internet Explorer 11, as well as while previewing a new Axure RP 9 file in this web browser. I will be filing a bug report regarding this issue with our respective teams. This issue appears to be specific to the Internet Explorer 11 web browser, so I would recommend using a different web browser while we investigate this issue. You can change the default web browser used to preview your projects by navigating to “Publish > Preview Options” in Axure RP 9.

I hope this helps!

Hi , When can this problem be fixed? In China, I can’t use the Google Chrome browser to download the Axure plugin, so I can only use the IE browser. If this problem can’t be solved, the V9 version can’t be used at all, because the prototype that was created will show confusion in IE.

I hope to fix this problem as soon as possible, thank you~~~

我测试了下,不用开启 chrome 插件都可以使用的。
以前的 7 版本才需要插件浏览,8 和 9 都不需要开启插件。



保存成文件感觉太不方便了,我本地搭建了 IIS ,直接发布到本地链接,局域网里面的同事就可以通过 URL 访问。给外地同事访问的话,我会发布到 axshare 。

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting this issue where middle aligned text comes out top aligned in IE 11. I’ve checked in with our teams regarding this issue, and it looks like Axure RP 9 does not and will not support IE 11; it will still be supported in Axure RP 8, but this particular issue won’t be addressed in version 9. The supported browsers for Axure RP 9 will be Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. We understand that this isn’t ideal in situations where you don’t have control over which browsers your users are testing the prototype with. If you’ll be sharing links to version 9 prototypes, then we’d recommend letting users know when the link is sent out that IE 11 isn’t supported so that they can use a different browser and see the appropriate alignment.

The updated system requirements for Axure RP 9 will be available on our site when the site gets updated for Axure RP 9 at full release. Hopefully that information helps with informing supported browsers both on the designer and user testing sides in the future!