Important axure 9 advice

Hello, everyone! I’ve always liked the design of axure 9, but it’s disappointing that it’s not smooth when the canvas slides, which I think I should learn from sketch. I look forward to seeing improvements in the future version, thank you.

Hi Havyn,

It sounds like you’re seeing that scrolling the canvas in Axure RP 9 is slow. There are a few different performance issues that we’re working on in the beta that should improve this in a future release, per the thread below:

Among the known issues that are filed are slowness when using dark mode, slowness when setting color filters on images, and slowness when working with or slicing large images. You can keep an eye on the bug thread above for updates on the upcoming fixes, as well as the 9 beta release notes thread for news on the latest builds.

Thank you!

Hi all,

Havyn wrote in to our help desk about the scrolling issue and it looks related to a known issue where scrolling the canvas in Axure RP 9 on a Mac is a bit laggier than it was in Axure RP 8. We have this filed on our end for further investigation and will post if there is an update. In the meantime please keep an eye on the 9 beta release notes thread for news about released bug fixes. Thanks!