Switch from mobile cursor to desktop cursor in preview? (mouse pointer)


I have been looking all over and I can’t find how to switch the ‘mobile’ cursor to a standard desktop one when previewing the prototype.

It is crucial for usability testing that the cursor is a standard one (the desktop one) and not a large smudgy dot (which is preferable for mobile use).

It would be great, if I can get the answer in a short time because we are going to conduct several usability testings next week.

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The problem was the Adaptive View settings, if it is enabled Axure RP thinks it is a mobile version and it shows a big dot cursor. You have to disable or delete the Adaptive View Sets to get an ordinary mouse cursor.

It would be great if we have the possibility to have a system-wide setting to determine which kind of cursor we want.

Is disabling/deleting the Adaptive View really a solution though? I’d argue that, because one can have multiple view sizes for let’s say web or desktop prototypes, that it shouldn’t be handled as mobile view by default.

A system-wide setting would be a great improvement. I think this should be set either when adding a new Adaptive View or as a toggle in the preview mode.


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